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When it comes to eating right and exercising there is no “I’ll start tomorrow.” Tomorrow is disease. – V.L Allinear (via madsweat)


how come girls line the bottoms of their eyes and look so pretty but when i do i look like 2005 pete wentz?? how come girls wear all black and look so pretty but i look like 2005 pete wentz??? how come girls can have side bangs and look so pretty but when i do i look like 2005 pete wentz??? how do girls do anything without looking like 2005 pete wentz???

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I just realized the extent of my anxiety.. my friend moved in with us and she is very ocd. She is cleaning and organizing everything & I hate it. It’s making me freak out because I either can’t find stuff or I said I would do it but now its all wrong. I sound so stupid right now but its making me freak out and cry.

The SCALE doesn’t take into account lean body mass….it does not take into account your brain, your emotions, your intelligence, your pride, your talents, your beauty….So your scale went up 3lbs this week, BIG DEAL. Did you enjoy your week? Did you feel loved? Did you live life with purpose? Yes? Then STOP letting that stupid number define you!!! coachmelissag.tumblr.com (via beforeandafterfatlosspics)

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"Okay," Elsa says as she sets the list down. "Welcome to the first official meeting of the Overprotective…

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Yay! I now sell scentsy with my own website and everything! The amount of excited I am right now»
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I know I’ve fucked up in the past.. but I’m fucking trying. You don’t even give a shit. All you care about is bringing up my past not what I’m trying to accomplish now..

Anonymous: i just looked at your tagged/me and gosh you are cute : ) i hope you are doing well and have a lovely day 

Aw thank you anon:)


never trust a person who doesn’t think johnny depp is hot

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